Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Residence/ Dealing with a Little Pain: Day 2 &3

(Hey guys this was supposed to be posted yesterday but due to wifi complications I was unable to do so. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you enjoy.)

Thunderstorms come and go here in Houston like a thief in the night. Lightning smashes into the pitch-black sky to leave white cracks that are only visible for an instant while rain hurtles itself against windowpanes. God is nourishing the land and keeping it alive. And all of this is happening right outside our room's wall of windows at the Ronald McDonald House. This "house" resembles a cathedral of hope more than anything else though. Upon arriving here a few days ago, my family and I were struck dumb by the generosity and support that has collected in this place. At ten dollars a night for room, board, and food it's a godsend. We are surrounded by families from across the continent who have all been struck and struck hard by some form of cancer. They all hold each other up and carry those that stumble. Little kids wearing clinical masks run around playing cops and robbers with toy weapons. These children become oblivious to their conditions in these few precious seconds and find refuge in friendships. Older residents talk or watch a little Tv and laugh in chorus when a joke hits the right spot.  
     Despite this encouraging atmosphere where hope is abundant like a rabbit's offspring my pain decides to persist. My pain has become so much a part of my being that I'm considering giving it a name. Perhaps, Toto because it is so loyal, I haven't made my mind up yet (outside input is appreciated). Like an imp it causes trouble and sends shooting, shocking pains in my back, knee, and shoulder. But, with the help of newfound friends, pain meds, and God's healing the pain is becoming less and less prominent. It's no longer blinding. It's hold on after eight weeks is slowly loosening! Your prayers are making a difference and my whole family feels the love. We are making it through this jungle of anguish and hardship. But, for now I'm going to go and try enjoy my bed which has an amazing view of the monstrous medical center. Good night one and all.    


  1. Son, your Dad and I are so honored that God chose us to be your parents. We know you are not ours but His and that as much we love you He still loves you so much more. As we watch you endure tremendous pain, not just a little we feel so helpless but know that you are still in the cup of His hand...

  2. I think Patzman or Hicks would be a great name for your pain.

  3. Kyler....
    I love the way you are sharing what you are going through! You have a beautiful gift of writing.... I guess I never got to see that side of you in math or Spanish. You are a courageous young man. You and your family are constantly in my prayers….
    Mrs. Raffail

  4. Jeremiah 30:17- “For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord. <3

  5. Lorenzo is always a classy name! Always constant and supportive, never gives up and a true gentleman in all sorts.